Our Mission:

We empower our audience members to get in touch with their own unique leadership capabilities, and thus their personal responsibility to uplift and connect-- starting with self- love, then their relationships and community.

Using short documentaries about the radiant leaders nominated for our series we create an open space for young people to engage and embrace compassion, courage, vulnerability, and inner power to embrace who they truly are: RADIANT.

To achieve this WE DO TWO THINGS:

  1. We create documentaries about human beings who have mastered compassionate leadership. We don't honor them for what they do, but for the courageous person they choose to be every day, and how that creates the space for others to be the best versions of themselves. 

  2. We facilitate screenings for schools and organizations who wish to create in their group a dialogue surrounding compassion, leadership, emotional intelligence, positivity, empowerment, creativity, and vulnerability.

Our philosophies

We believe vulnerability is the key to fearless leadership, true power, and connection. 

We believe love conquers fear.

We believe human beings are happiest when we feel our lives are valuable, and that feeling of value comes from giving to those around us. 

...Some among us fully embrace their fears and inadequacies as a part of who they are, rather than fight them, or pretend they aren’t there. They don’t put up armor to protect themselves, and are made all the more powerful because their authenticity and vulnerability open the door to connection. They keep their eyes open to those around them; they see us for the beautiful individuals we are, and for who we could be if we simply stopped holding up a mask. They are in touch with their own responsibility and power to create a loving world, even if it’s one person at a time—and they believe everyone has that same power. The domino effect of their impact resists measurement and so they render themselves unforgettable.
— Kate Marshall, Co-creator of "The Radiant Project"