The Radiant team has traveled all over the U.S., finding leaders who radiate power and take responsibility to move the world forward through courage and compassion.

These leaders dedicate their lives to empowering others. Through our films and programs, we start conversations about the power of vulnerability, empathy, and living intentionally.

Our mission is to challenge ALL of our audience members to think about the kind of person he or she is choosing to be every day.


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"We don't intend to claim our "Radiant Humans" have transcended fear or that they don't have moments driven by ego; in fact, our goal is to humanize the legends so that if you watch our documentaries you will see that you can be a legend yourself."

-Kate Marshall, Co-creator of "The Radiant Project"

What we do

1: Make short documentaries about powerful humans.

2: Facilitate interactive screenings of these documentaries and engage the audience to think about who they are choosing to be in their own lives.

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What you Can do

1: Book a screening to engage your group in a dialogue on how we can all create a loving, connected world, starting with ourselves.

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2: Donate! Money is part of the energy that keeps this work alive.